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Hi! I'm Tamara Toussaint Owens

Tamara Owens is a confidence coach who helps women tap into their boldest selves. After years of working in corporate America, Tamara became frustrated with the lack of opportunities for women to express their true selves. She saw too many strong women held back by limiting beliefs and decided to take action. When Tamara Owens was laid off from her corporate job, she saw it as an opportunity to pursue her true passion: helping women build confidence and reach their full potential. Owens is a bold and confident woman herself, and she was determined to help other women overcome their limiting beliefs and achieve success on their own terms.

She didn’t always have this kind of confidence in herself, however. In her early career, she felt limited by her beliefs and the corporate culture she was in. It wasn’t until she started working with strong women who were unafraid to take bold moves that she began to see the power of confidence. She realized that confidence wasn’t about being perfect, it was about being bold and taking risks.

This realization led her to become a confidence coach herself. She started her business with just a few clients, but word quickly spread about her powerful coaching style. Today, Owens is a  sought-after confidence coach, helping women from all walks of life to break through their barriers and reach their goals. And she shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Owens is living proof that when you follow your heart and take bold steps, anything is possible.

Thanks to Tamara’s work, countless women are living more confident lives and making their boldest dreams a reality.

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