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5 Ways to Project Plan your Home Life and Eliminate Mom Guilt

eliminate mom guilt

Eliminate mom guilt , can you believe that summer is over and the kids are back to school already?  We have come a long way! Two years after the most unprecedented time in our lifetimes, we are slowly starting to return to the world. Many of us were just trying to survive the past 2 years and taking care of ourselves wasn’t high on our priority list. BUT you aren’t any good to your family if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Getting healthy can seem like such a daunting task and we set ourselves up for failure when we try to implement too many new things at once.  Think about your work life, when your company tried to roll out too many new processes and procedures all at the same time… That probably didn’t work out too well. 

What do working moms do best? Project plan the hell out of our family’s life! Think about your health plan as your own personal change management and let’s create a project implementation plan and tackle it piece by piece. Here are 5 tips to get you there. 

  1. Create a ruthless schedule
    1. Schedule it all. Look at your personal and work calendar and identify the gaps and block that time for working out. Eliminate mom guilt, i already hear the work in the office crowd saying this isn’t going to work for them.  Although I’ve worked from home for the past 10years,Eliminate mom guilt , when I did work in an office, I took my lunch break at the gym most days. It had the dual benefit of helping get through the day at an extremely stressful and toxic work environment and also kept me physically healthy. 
    2. Eliminate mom guilt ,Also build in time to meal plan.  The truth of the matter is the closer you get to 40, it becomes increasingly hard to outrun a bad diet.  Bad eating decisions are usually made when we are in a time crunch and just need something fast which tends to be horrible for us.  Schedule 2 hours to prep enough proteins for the week. 
  2. Focus on a quick win
    1. Start with the easy thing first.  We are wired to keep doing hard things if we see early successes.  Whether it is incorporating drinking a gallon of water every day for a week or working out for 3 days the first week.  Celebrate that success and sustain it for another week before you incorporate the next phase.
  3. Build in efficiencies to alleviate mom guilt
    1. Use your environment and maximize your schedule . Start with something that you can easily sustain and is efficient.  Try  going for a walk or getting on a treadmill when you have a work call that is listen only. Or catch up your favorite show while on the treadmill or elliptical. 
  4. Be realistic
    1. Eliminate mom guilt , Be kind to yourself by creating an achievable goal that doesn’t frustrate and discourage you.  Instead of focusing on the number, just focus on setting yourself up for habits that will get yourself healthier.  
  5. Be transparent about the change
    1. Tell your loved ones your goals so that they can support you.  Whether that’s by keeping certain foods out of the house or if it’s how they can give you the time you  need to meal prep or work out, allow them to help you get healthy. 

Are you ready to tackle the rest of 2022? 

Eliminate mom guilt

Mom guilt is that pervasive feeling that you’re doing something wrong; that you aren’t being the best mom you can for your kid(s); that you are doing something that could “mess them up.”

My mom guilt happened immediately. I remember when my first, Eleanor, was only days old and I would feel guilty if I wasn’t giving her ALL my attention. Eliminate mom guilt, she couldn’t even see, but I felt bad if I was on my phone or not reading something super stimulating to her.



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Welcome to not that mommy
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Welcome to not that mommy
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