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Hi! I’m Tamara Toussaint Owens

a working mommy to Donovan and Hendrix, wife to a rabid Lakers’ fan and someone who spent years struggling with fertility issues and infertility.

I’ve had a very tumultuous health care journey over the past 8 years which eventually led to many challenges in my journey to motherhood.  I want to impart the knowledge that I gathered through this time to help other women who are struggling on their fertility journey.

Over the course of the last 20  years I’ve volunteered with programs that aid at-risk, low income children such as SOS Children’s Village, The Urban League of Philadelphia, Community Action Network and Everybody Wins!, through those programs, I saw how your race and your zip code can determine how the rest of your life will turn out and dedicated myself to changing how institutions diversify.

I was a Commissioner for the White House Commission on Presidential Scholars under President Barak Obama and I created and led first ever diversity programming at a major university law school and a national law firm.

I’ve delivered  training and speeches on diversity issues and executive presence at Georgia Diversity Council Leadership, Congressional Black Caucus Annual Legislative Conference, National Black MBA Corporate Partner Conference, Alabama State University, Palm Beach State University and Walker’s Legacy

I’ve taken all these lessons learned in corporate America and created anti-racism vlogs and online courses to help bridge the gap for white people looking to progress on their anti-racist journey. 





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